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The Hiring Process 

The hiring process are key if you want to create or maintain good company culture. This means you can’t just hire with hard skills in mind. Companies often take on new recruits simply because of their hard skills. Yes, they’re important. However, to contribute positively to an organization, a new hire needs to also fit into the culture. Culture shifts a bit with each new person added to the team.

To make sure these shifts are enhancing the culture, managers should look for candidates that have both the hard and soft skills necessary. Hiring should be about finding people who can learn the hard skills, are team players, and who can embrace the current company culture and work to enhance it. To do this, there are three things that hiring managers should do.  

Hiring Process #1

First, a manager should explain the company values and culture, how they are brought to life, and how they relate to the role that needs to be filled. Candidates also need to know how their role plays a part in the overall success of the company. If the perspective employee understands what the culture is like up front and the part they are expected to play, they may back out of the hiring process if it does not resonate.

If they are a good match, they will know from the get-go that helping to build connection and community is expected from the start. As a bonus, employees who feel connected to the company values are far more likely to recommend their employer as a great place to work, and far less likely to look for a job elsewhere! 

Hiring Process #2

The second thing a manager should do is have an onboarding process mapped out that includes getting new hires to weigh in on how they can positively contribute to the role and the company or team. After all, teammates who have the chance to weigh in are more likely to buy in. This is important if you want employees to embody the culture in their daily work lives. And it shows that the responsibility does not just belong to the leaders in the organization. The onus for creating and maintaining company culture is on each individual staff member.  

Hiring Process #3

This is not always easy, as we all show up differently in the workplace. Our differences are based on life experience, but also on personality. In fact, research shows that “a whopping 50% of the variability in employee engagement was explained by a person’s personality.” And since engagement affects culture, the third thing a manager should do is to help new hires acclimate to their new teammates. One way to do this is to offer DiSC™ assessments.

Each DiSC™ assessment provides over 20 pages of in-depth information on why an individual shows up at work the way they do. It also offers insight into how to interact better with each of the other personality types. This is invaluable knowledge that can be used immediately in any new role or organization.  

Hire For Culture

Culture does not always determine whether a company succeeds but it absolutely affects whether quality individuals will stay in the roles for which they were hired. When clear expectations have not been set about company culture early on (not only what it means to the organization but to the new employees’ success within the organization), new hires are set up for failure from the onset. Individuals who learn after they have been hired that they are not a great fit for the culture tend to leave. This is a waste of valuable time, energy, and money.  

But, taking the time to talk about the company culture and your expectations will help you bring people on board who are committed to doing their part. We can’t always stop people from moving on to greener pastures, but we can choose to be intentional in our hiring practices, so they won’t want to. Doing so will make it so that as a manager, you won’t have to experience the frustration and failure caused by hiring square pegs to fit into round holes. 

Brilliant People™ offers individual DiSC™ assessments as well as personality development. To learn more contact us today!

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