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The Steady personality type under stress will often dig their heels in and stick to their old routines. They need a stable environment and are very reluctant to confront change and conflict.  If they feel that their environment is in danger of change or that they have to engage in conflict, the Steady will typically avoid the situation and potentially hold a grudge. Take Brilliant Belinda for example.  

Brilliant Belinda tends to be introverted and wants her life to be calm and predictable. She prefers to move at a steady pace, taking things gradually and implementing them. Belinda doesn’t like personal confrontations or difficult conversations, but she is really good at mediating for others. She also really dislikes change. She prefers to get into a groove and stay there. Brilliant Belinda embodies the old saying, “slow and steady wins the race.” 

Under Stress Brilliant Belinda Becomes Begrudging Belinda 

Belinda has had to navigate a lot of changes over the last year because of the Coronavirus. She’s a writer and has always loved the flexibility of working from home. She likes the quiet and she doesn’t have officemates to distract her. However, her roommate, Kelly, is now having to work from their apartment too. Kelly took over the kitchen/den area leaving Belinda with nowhere but her bedroom to work. Belinda agreed to the arrangement, but now she’s not happy about it.

Kelly spends all day on conference calls walking around and talking loudly. And the lack of silence is driving Belinda crazy. She doesn’t like being cooped up in her bedroom, or having to listen to Kelly’s phone calls all day. I mean, she’s trying to come up with a storyline for Pete’s sake! Belinda’s stress level is climbing and she’s having difficulty expressing her feelings because she thinks it will create conflict with her roommate. Outwardly, she seems fine, but inside she’s starting to boil, as Begrudging Belinda takes over for Brilliant Belinda.

Belinda wants Kelly to notice that she’s not happy with the situation and to offer to do something about it, but she seems to be completely unaware. And Kelly comments all the time, on how great it is to work from home! Yesterday, Kelly was on a call til 7pm and Belinda felt like a prisoner in her own home.  She was so angry that she left the apartment without saying good-bye and slammed the door behind her. 

Tips For The Steady & Those That Work With Them

The Steady personality type is normally even keeled and all about collaboration, but when stressed out, they can go quiet. They crave peace and are unsettled by conflict. The reality though, is that everyone should be able to share their feelings in a way that allows for issues to be solved diplomatically and effectively. So, if you are a Steady type, remember that holding onto frustration or anger is just delaying a future explosion, and one that you won’t be in control of. Taking the time now to express yourself calmly will help to prevent this from happening. 

If you live or work with a Steady, remember that they are incredible team players and want to be a part of the solution, not the problem. So, encourage them to speak their mind and then give them thoughtful feedback that shows you respect their thoughts and feelings. We can all work together to keep a Brilliant Belinda from becoming a Begrudging Belinda! And if you or your team needs a little help navigating the personality waters, reach out to us today. 

The culture (r)evolution starts with you!

Next Up: The Perfect/Conscientious Personality Type Under Stress

This post was originally published on April 26, 2020.

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